Custom Made Orthotics

What are custom made orthotics?


Custom made orthotic supports, aligns, prevents or corrects mis-alignments and improves functions of the foot. Orthotics three categories are: 

  1. Those that primarily attempt to change foot function.
  2. Those that are primarily protective in nature and
  3. Those that combine functional control and protection.

Types of orthotics



These are rigid orthotic device, designed to control function, may be made of a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber, and is used primarily for walking or dress shoes.


Soft orthotic device helps to absorb shock, increase balance, and take pressure off uncomfortable or sore spots. It is usually constructed of soft, compressible materials.


Diabetic orthotics are designed to absorb shock, deflect impact and reduce plantar pressures while supporting the structure of your feet.

The cushioning and support provided by these orthotics reduce plantar pressures and sheer forces, reducing the risk of tissue break down and ulceration in diabetics. 


These orthotic devices are effective in the treatment of children with foot deformities. Most podiatric physicians recommend that children with such deformities be placed in orthotics soon after they start walking, to stabilize the foot. 


Dress orthotics give you the flexibility of wearing custom orthotics in the shoes you love to wear and get the support you need at the same time.


These are customised orthotics that fit your unique feet, providing greater comfort and less movement in the shoe. They provide better stability, enhanced feel for the surface beneath the foot, greater warmth and comfort, and less muscle fatigue. 

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